My need to create has been alive as long as I can remember. It is all that I know. It chose me. From building with Legos, to balancing sticks picked from the dams that the beavers had built, I created. Everywhere I went I was always observing, learning, and figuring out how the world went together.

Nature, my greatest teacher has led me to look inside myself. I found that which makes me is the same that makes the Earth, the Moon, and the cosmos. Sacred geometry is the common tie that links everything together, from the arrangement of atoms, to the proportions of the human body. Unity, the universal love, God, spirituality, however you may see it personally, this is my muse. What I am trying to do with my work is remove my ego, disconnect my mind, and connect to nothing but my purpose. The reason that I am here. To show the world balance, beauty, unity and truth.

My primary mediums are metal and stone. I have spent the last decade learning the art of traditional New England stone masonry. I apprenticed with the protege of a third generation Irish mason. The knowledge that I acquired during this period has been invaluable to me. It has taught me not only a trade, but has instilled an understanding of time, balance, and connection.

Previous to my working with stone I apprenticed with a sculptor where I started to hone my skills working with metal. Since that time, over the past ten years, I have continued to explore the possibilities of steel and copper.

I love the chance to solve someone's problem or fulfill one of their desires with a creation that is custom designed for them. Something that they just couldn't get anywhere else. I want the end result to be a part of their home and life that is truly means something to them. Whether used for beauty or strictly for utilitarian purposes, I want the pieces to perform.

I find it hard to pigeon hole my work. I work with all of the elements. Fire, wind, water and earth all drive me to create. Sometimes I need a board from the bottom of a waterfall, a stone from a river bed, steel from the scraps of a long gone factory, or copper salvaged from the roof of a building. It is the hunting of history that helps me understand why we are who we are today.